Big sur, the world is never the same again

“From the ocean depths there issued strange formations, contours unique and seductive. As if the Titans of the deep had labored for aeons to shape and mold the earth. Even millennia ago the great land birds were startled by the abrupt aspect of these risen shapes.
There are no ruins or relicts to speak of. No history worth re-counting. What was not speaks more eloquently than what was.
Here the redwood made its last stand.
At dawn its majesty is almost painful to behold. That same prehistoric look. The look of always. Nature smiling at herself in the mirror of eternity.”
That’s what Henry Miller said in his “Big Sur and The Oranges of Hieronymus Bosch”.

Whatever I’d add, nature would still be smiling at herself in the mirror of eternity and Hieronymus Bosch remains as natural as ever.

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