Our videos

The hippie movement which turned hundreds of thousands of youth towards the cult of sex, drugs & rock’n’roll in the West wasn’t absent on the other side of the Iron Curtain. In the curse of politics of the Soviet Union, the generation that grew up in the late 1960s had nothing else but to accept that the world is a big lie and it’s better to deal with your own things. The freedoms of the West were highly desired, with Eastern-influenced spiritual inspiration. Thus the Soviet hippie culture emerged, though it remained strictly underground. This multidisciplinary research project led by Terje together with Estonian artist KIWA combines ethnology, film and art, resulting in a video-exhibition at Estonian National Museum starting in March 2013 and a documentary film by 2015. See: http://www.hipid.ee

In 2007 we traveled in South America, got violently robbed after which our journey took a radical spiritual turn. We met Alvaro who joined our trip for months around Amazon Peru. Based on our experiences Terje and Berit published a novel “Seven Worlds”. This is a short experimental video piece shot over the weekend in 2012, when Alvaro visited Terje in Tallinn – and a book character became alive again.

Linnahall or the City Hall in coastal Tallinn was built in 1980 for the occasion of the 22nd Moscow Olympic Games. This short visual essay “The Gray of Utopia” explores how today it finds its new meanings in its ruins.  Camera and editing by Terje Toomistu, soundscape by Jaan Tätte Jr. Tallinn, 2012

Short documentary “Our land” shot in Sumatra by Berit and Marie in 2011.

Video trailer for an independent feature lengths documentary “Wariazone” (by Kiwa and Terje Toomistu, 2011) that discursively explores the social and cultural situation of Indonesian transgender community. See for more: http://www.wariazone.com


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