Story of us

It was one of those classical evenings during the first year of university in Tartu, Estonia.

Terje, an economics student at the time, invited some girlfriends over to share a bit of her recent weekend getaway to London.  While opening the 2nd bottle of cheap red wine, she spontaneously said: “Why don’t we go and live in London for a while!”

Berit, a student in semiotics, hurrahed without thinking much: “We’ll sure do it!”

Although those wine soaked ideas quite often remain as such, and to tell you the truth – we barely knew each other at the time, next week we had our tickets. A few months later our experiment of survival in London was fated to start. With hundred pounds in our pockets and only an unknown future waiting for us, we decided not to return to Estonia before three months, come what may. And what came was a building-up of a beautiful friendship of us.

To balance the glamorous and money motivated London lifestyle we then flew to rusty India and communist Cuba. Month by month this way of experiencing the life became a necessity. Exploring different cultures had become a lifestyle, writing a passion and our friendship a soulful magical relationship.

Our interests grew more similar each day and once standing in the desert of Peru, just having had an amazing San Pedro cactus experience, we realized that our lives were so crissecrossed that our similar paths in life were becoming more and more clear. The next year we both started our studies in cultural anthropology. Year by year the last fact has started to formulate our styles of writing, travelling and experiencing.


30 thoughts on “Story of us

    • Thanks Bruno. Agree totally. I’m sure its an uplihl battle, but I think it takes not only self determination, but having God’s power to enter your life to uplift out of that level of despair. She agreed with me!

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  1. Thanks for visiting our family travel blog and liking our post on the Gilis! Too bad our paths did not cross on Gili T. How was the wind these last days? It seems we made it off just before the high winds and heavy rains! I love your blog!

  2. Ladies – thank you for visiting my blog and liking my post. I’m continually amazed how we can share our lives with people around the world with the click of a button. BTW, your travels are amazing – so much adventure and intimacy in your stories. I’m not surprised at the recognition you’ve gotten. Keep traveling!

    • She’s so cute!!!I’ve got goals, not resolutions. Goals seem hadrer to break, right? :DSO: open my online art shop, learn to knit, do more weekly yoga, visit three states I’ve never seen. They all sound do-able to me!Happy New Year![]

    • How valuable each day of life is no mttear how few of them there are. How to be compassionate to others. To be less judgmental, realizing everyone grieves in a different way and at a different pace.

    • Thanks, Jody, and you may wish to try swimming. Don’t let worry about what othres think keep you away from the gym. Believe me, no one cares, and we’re all there for the same reason. You probably gained the weight over the months by eating the same portions as you did when you were working out regularly and had lean muscle mass. Get control of your portions by cooking at home, using measuring cups/scales for protein (meat, fish, cheese) and good carbs (whole grain rice and potatoes), then filling yourself with two plates of steamed or roasted vegetables as the main base. Try some of the recipes, and please sign up for an email subscription to get each post. Don’t be discouraged It’s 80 percent what you eat, and 20 percent working out. And of that 20 percent, half is weight lifting!Kathy

  3. Hi,

    I like travel blogs because I never travel anywhere. I sometimes disapprove of travel because it contributes to climate change. I suppose it’s a necessary part of life! Thanks for visiting my blog; I’m glad you liked it.

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    • Thank you so much, guys. I cannot open your site anymore though, Nadine. Why?
      Paul, I found your approach to life very clever and refreshing.
      Keep up the great work and stay in touch!

      • Oh, I don’t know but I’m still in business… The others are still able to access my site and sent their “likes” and comments. You’re the first to have experienced this, or at least the first to tell me about it. There was also a time when I myself couldn’t access my own site. There was an error message sayiing something to the effect that I supposedly violated some of their t’s and c’s. I had just started my blogging and I am such a blogging/social networking virgin. So for a moment, I was like, oh no, what did I do? It took a few days to get it going again and wordpress said usually when it happens, it’s an error on their part. So, I don’t know what internal process they do when things like these happen. Please let me know how it goes. Thanks, blessings and love & light!!!

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