Story of our writings

The time of moving to UK in 2005 we also gave a start to a blog named Avantüristid ( – in Estonian). As common to many blogs, it was written for friends only to catch up with our experiment of survival in London. But as our journeys never really ended, so didn’t our writings.

Together with the adventures our stories became innumerous. Each day was new, each day was full of surprises., each day needed documentations. Month by month the circle of our readers grew and the stories got some attention.

As a result Avantüristid won several prizes:

2008 Best Travel blog

2008 Best Lifestyle Blog

2009 Best Travel Blog

2009 Most Open-Minded Blog

2010 Best Adventure of the Year

The same time our blog started to function also as individual media. publication. As bloggers we were granted with the press ca rdsto attend annual theater festival (DRAAMA) and annual movie festival (PÖFF). We were also writing to several newspapers about our travels and to feminine magazines about some spicy private stories.

In 2009 our first novel „Seitse maailma“ („Seven Worlds“) was published, based on our travels to South-American jungles, deserts and shamanistic worlds of the Amazon.

As several people who we met during our travels have requested to read the stories in English, in 2011 we decided to go international. That is the reason why we  translated some older adventures iand published them in fast forward before arriving to the present times  – or life in Indonesia.

Life of constant changes is still bringing us more and more boiling ideas. Let’s see where the future of this blog will take us to.


3 thoughts on “Story of our writings

  1. I am absolutely mesmerized by your blog. I also used to be an active member of Couchsurfing and I would have weekly meet up with people from all over the world, sharing stories about our travels and the things we see.
    And thank you for liking my posts. I am truly engaged by your blog and in return, I followed it because its truly a rare gem!


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